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Welcome to our Recovery Room


Like a Pro

Welcome to our Premier Recovery Room, where your well-being takes center stage. Whether you're a dedicated gym enthusiast or simply seeking a rejuvenating escape from the demands of everyday life, our cutting-edge facility is designed to optimize your recovery experience. Discover a haven of relaxation and revitalization, where you can enhance your fitness journey and achieve your personal best.


Experience the Healing Power of Infrared Saunas

Relax, detoxify, and rejuvenate in our state-of-the-art infrared saunas. Let gentle, penetrating heat relieve muscle tension, promote detoxification, and enhance your overall well-being. Discover the transformative benefits of our infrared saunas and step into a world of healing and renewal.

Revitalize Your Body with Cold Plunging

Immerse yourself in icy waters and experience an exhilarating surge of revitalization. Cold plunging stimulates circulation, reduces inflammation, accelerates muscle recovery, enhances mental clarity, boosts immune function, and uplifts mood. Discover the invigorating power of cold plunging and unlock a renewed sense of energy, well-being, and overall vitality.


Optimize Your Fitness with 3D Body Scanning

Uncover a deeper understanding of your body's composition with our advanced 3D body scanning technology. Gain insights into your muscle mass distribution, body fat percentage, and overall physique. Armed with this knowledge, you can tailor your workouts, set realistic goals, and track your progress with precision. Let our 3D body scanning be your guide on the path to achieving your fitness aspirations, no matter how big or small.

Recovery Room Pricing

Unlimited Access......................$99
Class Membership Add-on....$169
10 Session Punch Card............$210


*Note for drop-ins: Purchase & wait 1 business day for your access code and room rules to be emailed to you

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