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Are you visiting Bastrop or looking for a new fitness community? We welcome you to experience Strive firsthand through our drop-in option! Whether you're a seasoned athlete or just starting your fitness journey, our doors are open for you to join us.

What to Expect:


Explore Our Facilities: Get access to Strive's state-of-the-art equipment, well-designed training spaces, and vibrant atmosphere.


Engage with Our Community: Connect with our supportive community of members and coaches at Strive who are passionate about helping each other thrive.


Expert Coaching: Our experienced coaches at Strive are on hand to offer guidance, answer questions, and ensure you have a safe and effective workout.


Drop-In Details:

Cost: $25 per drop-in session.

Membership Incentive: If you decide to join our community after your drop-in visit, we'll credit up to three drop-ins toward your first month of membership at Strive!


How to Drop-In:

Click the button below and Purchase a Drop-In.

Arrive and Check-In: Come to Strive at your scheduled class time, and our friendly staff will assist you with the check-in process.

Experience the Difference: Enjoy your workout, explore Strive's facilities, and immerse yourself in our supportive community.


Ready to Drop-In at Strive?

Experience the energy and dedication of Strive firsthand!

Click Below to schedule your drop-in visit, and let's start your fitness journey together.

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