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Join us on the 1st day of every month  for a complimentary session. No drop-in fee!

You are what you do daily.

We help busy people create healthy, connected, and successful habits.

We know the struggle.

What's your obstacle?


Too Busy/Stressed

You have so much to do and many others that rely on you. You have competing priorities. It’s frustrating. You want to be healthy but there’s no time. 


Poor Discipline

You have a hard time being consistent or even getting started. Motivation and self-control hold you back. It feels like you are your own worst enemy. 


Poor Nutrition

You know food has a lot to do with your health. You may not know what/how/when to eat. Or, you don’t eat what you know you should because… life.



You’ve been hurt. You want to get to where you were before but you’re not sure if or how you can make a comeback. You don’t want to get hurt again!


We Know How To Help

Get the Results You Want


Get Stronger

Gain the muscle, ability, and durability to easily pick-up and/or carry weight.


Move Better

Learn proper form and technique that keeps you safe and free of injury.


Improve Health

Create a baseline of wellness and a lifestyle that prevents disease and illness.


Build a Community

Become a member of a healthy group of friends who support each others' goals. 


Feel Better

Build confidence, a positive mindset, and routine that sets your life up for success.


Improve Endurance

Develop the ability to move for long periods of time and have more energy during your day.

Getting started is as easy as...


Book a FREE 'No Sweat Intro'

Begin your journey with a relaxed, one-on-one conversation. During this complimentary session, we’ll discuss your fitness goals, learn more about you, and explore the right options to set you up for success. Plus, you’ll walk away with some freebies to get you started!


Pick Your On-Ramp

We are dedicated to providing every member with the resources they need to excel in our group classes. Our On-Ramp Program is crafted to smoothly transition you into our supportive community, catering to all fitness levels from beginners to seasoned athletes. We focus on safety and efficacy, personalizing your on-ramp to align perfectly with your fitness goals.


Reach Your Goals

With a solid plan, exceptional coaches, and an uplifting community in your corner, it’s time to start the transformative journey to your best self. And remember, you’re not in this alone – we’ll be right there with you, offering regular check-ins every 90 days to ensure you’re on track and progressing as planned.

About Us

Established in 2012, we are Bastrop’s most dedicated and caring gym. We support busy professionals and families to get strong, lean, and healthy so that they can feel better in their own skin. 

We combine professional coaching and effective training with a family-like community that empowers Bastropians to become the best version of themselves. 

Core Values: Prioritize What Matters, Do The Work, Own Your Life, Fail Often, and Kindness Over Everything. 

Strive has helped hundreds build confidence, perform better in life, and be their best selves. 

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Meet Our Coaches

Meet Our Personal Trainers


Emily Bateman


Paris O'neal

Our Methods

Our Programs

We've got something for all ages, abilities, and goals.

At Strive, we've been working for over 12 years to make a fitness plan that's just right for you. No matter where you're starting from, we'll help you get better at the things you care about.

We always focus on making sure you're doing each exercise the right way before you start lifting heavier weights or going faster. It's important to us that you get really good at the basics first.

Our workouts change up what you do often and plan it out over time, so your body keeps getting stronger and better in a safe way. We want to help you be great at lots of things and awesome at the things you're naturally good at.

Starting with On-Ramp Classes

Before you join our group classes, if you're new here, you need to start with an on-ramp class. This helps us make sure you know how to do 25 important exercises the right way.


You can choose from:

  • Test Out: If you already know a lot, you can show us in a quick 30-minute meeting. It costs $35.

  • 3-Session On-Ramp: If you're kinda new, you can take three classes where you'll learn all the exercises and do a workout at the end of each one. This costs $199.

  • 10-Session On-Ramp: If you want to learn a lot more, you can take ten classes for $599. You'll really get to know the exercises well.


Pick the on-ramp class that fits what you need, and let's start working out safely and getting stronger together!

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